Dev Diary, 14 March 2017: Updates and 50% off on Xbox


Hi Everyone

Many of you have likely never heard of us before. Sure, RadiationBurn We are a tiny little indie developer called comprised of two full time team members, Chantelle does the code, and Graham,  does most of the other stuff. Thankfully we have enough friends and other local indie developers who help fill some of the gaps when the need is great, because that is just what indie devs do.

So to cut a long story short. We made a game called The Living dungeon for Xbox One and PC. Then we updated it, and then we updated it more. It even got a few great reviews, especially after the first big update.

Here’s a video…
Basically, if you liked Hero Quest or other dungeony board games you’ll probably enjoy this. More to the point. It’s going to be half price on Xbox from the 14th-20th of March. Hurray! Yes. you read correctly. 50% off. Please go and tell.. Everyone!  and get it yourself from here:
There is also another small matter to address: our next game. It’s a zombie apocalypse, base management card game! I did mention we made unusual games right? .
Here’s a video…
Again, it would be fabuloustastic if people knew it existed as it just went up on Steam Greenlight and we’ve love to get a few votes from people who are into card games.
It won’t be to everyone’s taste, and I even imagine we’ll get some hate from the anti-tabletop crowd, but it isn’t a rock simulator and card games are fun even when they don’t have a fancy license dammit!

Here is a link to the press kit for The Living Dungeon if you want to find out a little more
and the website for DeadExit.

If things go well we’ll be putting up a nice little “Make your own” version of the both games with printable(and in some cases 3d printable) assets. Both games started as tabletop games we played with friends and strangers for years before we made them into video games. So go forth armed with this new knowledge and help spread the word. we very much appreciate every mention we get.

Thanks, and feel free to contact us on social media  twitterfacebook, and instagram.

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Dev Diary, 28 October 2016: LIVE!!!!!



It’s been months of blood sweat and tears, but we keep our promises and here it finally is. The Living Dungeon now has complete Xbox Live support. From this point onwards you can slaughter your friends in cruel ways from the other side of the planet.


There was also the benefit of fixing a huge number of unrelated bugs along the way, which is nice. So, if for some reason you don’t have this game on Xbox One, then go buy it. Of course, if you don’t have an Xbox One you are obliged to either force an Xbox owning friend to buy it, or purchase an Xbox One and buy the game. That deal is binding as soon as these words hit the back of your eyeballs. Yeah. I’m sure that is all legally on the up and up… right?

Stop contacting your lawyer and just buy it. If for some reason you don’t think you should, then check out this lovely 9/10 review. Then buy it!

Now we have that cleared up, on with other news. With the help of magical pirate Tom, we have managed to get a linux version of The Living Dungeon for Steam, our newest game, The Krucer Parallax is really popular, and Chantelle has made great progress on the network code for Dead Exit. Basically it’s really been a good month for everything… except updating this blog.

Still. Since we are working on multiple projects the best place to keep up to date (if you haven’t snuck into our office) is on social media  twitterfacebook, and instagram. So come on over and say hi!

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Dev Diary, 27 June 2016: Well look at that!


Given the timing of this post I imagine a lot of people might expect us to talk about Brexit. It’s an anti-climatic thing that happened and now we pretty much need to get on and try to do the best we can going forward. Ok. Moving on…

More importantly than that, or maybe not but certainly more excitingly. The Steam Summer sale is now on with huge discounts on loads of games that you can purchase and then never play. We would of course much prefer you to play our game than not, especially with friends because everyone likes killing their friends. The Living Dungeon has of course plenty of ways to do that, including kicking them down a hole, and shouting “THIS IS SPARTA!!!!” The shouting is optional and you can of course shout other things such as “Goodbye, Come again!” or simple “Ooo-er it looks rather dark down there.”

That Sparta quote makes me think the game has a lack of beards… Anyway, I hope you lot all know how to kill your friends by now. It should also be getting easier with the recent update and the next one to follow. I’m not going to tell you exactly what those are but you could go check it out for yourself.

Enough of this for now. Follow us on social media links such as  twitterfacebook, and instagram. Or else face the full force of empty threats made in jest.

Tell all of your friends to buy the game today or I will appoint an otter to maul your nipples!

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Dev Diary, 05 May 2016: What have we been doing?!

We’ve been playing X-Wing miniatures! Really?!?   Really?!?   Really?!? Yes!, but that’s not all we’ve been doing. We (and by we I mostly mean Chantelle) have been busy fighting along to get the multiplayer working on both Xbox and PC. I did of course going to write up a dramatic post about that epic star wars battle on the main […]

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Dev Diary, 22 February 2016: Doing Things Differently

I’m going to try and stay as serious as I can possibly manage for this blog post, because it’s about something that’s been genuinely interesting: releasing an unusual game and seeing how people react to it. I hope you all find it at least a little thought provoking. Before we get started I have to […]

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Dev Diary, 1 February 2016: Finally! Death for everyone!

On the 29th of January 2016, the unthinkable happened. The Living Dungeon was released on Xbox One! As everyone always says, it’s been a long difficult journey. I’d like to say we got there in the end, but this is not the end. We are adding to the game in the very near future and […]

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Dev Diary, 25 January 2016: Friday! Friday! gotta get down on Friday!

By get down, I of course mean ‘get The Living Dungeon on Xbox One!’ Awwwww Yeah! You heard that correctly people, The Living Dungeon is being released on Xbox One in less than a week. Just in time for the weekend. That’s right! On the 29th you can own The Living Dungeon. The Living Dungeon!  The… […]

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Dev Diary, 09 January 2016: Happy New Year —-> Happy New Year

Welcome Back! I’m talking to us obviously. It’s been a while since we’ve been here updating things. To the rest of you, happy new year! As always, things go quiet on this site when all the screaming and running around with pants around ankles is going on in the real world. I’ll leave you to […]

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Dev Diary, 27 October 2015: STEAM POWERED

There are a million (that’s an exaggeration I really mean about 5) things I’d like to talk about today, but there is really only one that’s important right now. The Living Dungeon is coming to Steam on the 2nd of Novemeber. That’s it. It will finally be out for everyone to play, and not just […]

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Dev Diary, 4 September 2015: Finishing Touches

It’s the fourth of September so you all know what that means! You don’t? Me neither actually. I was hoping someone could tell me. Maybe it’s not that important. One sec and I’ll check Wikipedia… Turns out that’s the day the electrical age began. That’s kinda cool. I’m still kinda waiting for the space age […]

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Dev Diary, 28 August 2015: Happy Day!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope. Despite being very close, we haven’t released The Living Dungeon yet, and I’m not celebrating our complete neglect of the blog while we get the game finalized either. That was just us being rubbish at blogging. As all but the most dullard-tastic of you may have guessed due to the huge picture of […]

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Dev Diary, 17 July 2015: Behind The Scenes

Hey everybody, Just wanted to let you know that we managed to break everything when we tried to make a submission build. The particularly impressive thing was that it took 2 days for the brokenness to catch up to the rest of the game and stop it working. Some black magic must have been involved […]

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Dev Diary, 10 July 2015: Wonder what happens if I touch this?

The picture above has no real meaning or purpose, nor is there any significance to Meru’s crazy glowing eyes. Other stuff is breaking so I’m using cheap distraction techniques. You know that thing that happens when you reckon a game is nearly ready to submit, then everything breaks. That’s what we did this week. And […]

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Dev Diary, 06 June 2015: Op..i.t-mi…satio…n! Optimisation! OptmIztn!

This picture shows off nothing in particular. Maybe we’ll say the shadows on the cogs under the dungeon look quite nice perhaps. Not even sure we’ll keep those given what we’re up to right now. I was meant to do this post on Friday but we were busy eating ice cream.  I suppose we spent […]

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Dev Diary, 26 June 2015: yokusel, the Agile Accountant

Bio Yokusel is the loyal accountant of the Tae family and has worked with them for many years, despite never developing the skills to speak a human language. Still, he manages to communicate through a series of “Yak” sounds and this has led to him being referred to as Yakky by many, which is very […]

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Dev Diary, 19 June 2015: XBOX ONE! STEAM!

ANOUNCEMENT TIME! Yup. We’ve been sitting on this for a while.  Microsoft decided The Living Dungeon would do well to be on their marvellous XBox One Console. Today they let the world know it by uploading our announcement trailer, and putting a little silver ball in the corner. It’s fair to say that although we’re still […]

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Dev Diary, 12 June 2015: Sajotir, the Ancient Puppet Master

Bio Sajotir knows more about the dungeon than anyone. This stru was there when it was sealed two hundred years ago and went into a deep sleep until he was recently awoken. Stru are odd creatures and seeing them in an anthropomorphic way can be dangerous. They do not think like people, or behave like people. They have […]

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Dev Diary, 29 May 2015: Aralynne, the Wrathful Sister

Bio Aralynne is the half sister of Meru, and although the two girls both followed the path of their respective mothers, they are still close and value their familial bond highly. Like her mother before her, Aralynne decided to follow the path of the Barossa Knights: an all female group of warriors bound by a […]

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Dev Diary, 29 May 2015: The Devout, a Reason to be Unreasonable

Bio The Living Dungeon holds an entity which has power beyond understanding. It wishes only to see suffering and to this end even prolongs the natural life of those who enter. It’s no surprise that a powerful being which offers immortality is sought out by many. The order who worship it are known as The […]

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Dev Diary, 22 May 2015: Chantelle, the Deceitful Gladiatrix

Bio Chantelle was once an expert con-artist who used her looks and charm to steal from nobles across the region. Unfortunately, she ended up getting caught by Lord Serflower whose lack of interest in women meant that her wiles were of no use to her. Her partner suffered a brutal death at Lord Serflower’s hands, […]

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Dev Diary, 15 May 2015: Meru, the capable Damsel

  Bio Meru is the daughter of a wealthy noble with several powerful family connections. She has spent most of her life training as a mechanist and channeller at the prestigious halls of knowledge in Tanik. After hearing a rumour that one of her family members had been murdered by the current owner of the […]

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Dev Diary, 08 May 2015: Itchy, Flakey Scalp? You’re probably a Wretched!

Just a short diary today since I did one earlier in the week already. I’ve been trying to fix a minor issue with the wretched. That’s the monster in the picture: also known to players of the original board game as ‘Party guys’. Recently I had to castrate them all as they were breeding out […]

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Dev Diary, 06 May 2015: Rojef, the Angry Uncle

Bio Rojef is a skilful and proud warrior from the frozen wastes of Pera, whose life choices and happenstance have found him often in the desert lands where the the Living Dungeon resides. When Rojef was informed that his niece had been thrown into the Living Dungeon, he was honour bound to try and rescue […]

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Dev Diary, 01 May 2015: Ashon, the Lovable Rogue

Bio Many people end up in the dungeon because they have no other choice. Ashon isn’t one of them. He’s just here to pull off a heist. Ashon was born a wealthy noble, and orphaned as wealthy noble. Since his estate and business run just fine without him, he was left with a lot of […]

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Dev Diary, 24 April 2015: From Concept to Final(ish)

Some people, for reasons I can’t fathom, are really interested in the process of how things are created. I’m one of them, and I still can’t figure out why I’m interested. As far as I can tell, understanding exactly how the mechanical timings of a clock function, doesn’t help me tell the time better, or stop me being late… […]

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Dev Diary, 17 April 2015: Sometimes things go wrong!

The title says it all really. When you make games. Stuff goes wrong. In the particular instance above we were recording some of the level transitions to add sound and ambience to, unfortunately Ben’s software also recorded the music he was listening to in the background. The results are not that great for the actual […]

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Totally Not a Dev Diary. 2 April 2015: Easter with Strus!

I promised last week that I’d talk about concept art or plastic in the next Dev Diary. So that’s why I’m categorising this as ‘not a dev diary’. OK! OK! Stop crying. I’ll give you a little. Firstly. I did make a picture that was Eastery themed. That should count as concept art right? I […]

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Dev Diary, 27 March 2015: Meh. Everyone’s dead!

I was planning to talk about plastic things or some concept art today, but I’m not finished making the plastic things yet, the concept art thing will require a bit of preparation time that I just don’t have right now, and above all else, I’m just not in the mood. As you can see, all the […]

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Dev Diary, 20 March 2015: Those who didn’t make it.

Last night I went to Gamebridge, but now “Gamebridge is over!”. (If you get that reference you have probably spent far to much time worrying about politics when you should have just been enjoying yourself and getting on with things.) As always it was a fun night, but I can’t decide which I enjoy more: […]

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Dev Diary, 17 March 2015: A Poor Excuse for Silence

I realize that once again I’ve failed to update the blog. I can explain though. It’s because I burn’t down the office. Shortly after lighting these small explosive devices the room was engulfed in flame. We barely made it out alive! Our clothes were on fire and we had to jump out of the third […]

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